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The Alimony Factor to Consider

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Alimony is one of the many factors to consider when going through the divorce process, and you may need Alimony Guidance and Support. This form of Spousal Support is meant to provide income to the spouse who may have earned less, or was more dependent on the income of the earning spouse during the course of the marriage. Alimony can be mediated and agreed to, Divorce Attorney Christina Green, Esq has experience to take it to trial if needed.

The factors used to determine eligibility for alimony from Florida Statutes, Section 61.08 include but are not limited to:

  • The standard of living established during the marriage;
  • The length of the marriage;
  • The age and the physical and emotional condition of each spouse;
  • The financial resources of each party, including the nonmarital and the marital assets and liabilities distributed to each.
  • The earning level, education, vocational skills, and employability of each spouse and, when applicable, the time needed for a spouse to obtain education or training to find employment;
  • The contribution of each spouse to the marriage, including, but not limited to, homemaking, child care, education, and career building of the other party;
  • The responsibilities each spouse will have with regard to any children they have in common;
  • The taxability of any alimony award;
  • All sources of income available to either party;
There are four main types of alimony that may be awarded; bridge-the-gap, rehabilitative, durational, or permanent, or a combination of more than one of these types.  Alimony may be ordered in payments, a lump sum or both.

Presenting your Alimony Case Before the Judge

In order to have Alimony Payments approved, your case must be presented to a judge. Divorce Attorney Christina Green, Esq. can help you whether you are the party seeking alimony or the party being asked to pay alimony. She’s experienced in arguing both sides of the issue.

If you suspect Alimony to be an issue in your divorce case, we recommend consulting an experienced Central Florida Family Lawyer. Attorneys at Women’s Family Law possess the knowledge and experience to guide you through the Alimony process. Contact us to schedule your personal consultation.