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Contested Divorce & Uncontested Divorce

Simple Divorce / Simplified Divorces are Ideal, but uncommon

Most couples seeking Divorce, ideally want to transition through this chapter of their lives rather quickly. You may think you have a pretty straightforward simple divorce case, but what you may not realize is to truly be a Simple Divorce case there can be NO disputes between you and your spouse on these matters:

We deliver Elite Representation in Mediation or Litigation

You and your spouse have agreed to divorce, but perhaps you cannot come to a full agreement upon all of the issues that surround your case. Whether it’s your property, assets or parental rights, we have the experience and resources to help you resolve your issues effectively.

Deciding to follow through with the legalities of a divorce can be a difficult situation, and can bring many hard decisions your way including how to divide property and parental duties. This can be a stressful time where you can benefit from having a strong attorney like Christina M. Green, Esq. represent you and help you make informed decisions.

There are two types of Divorces in the State of Florida:

Uncontested Divorce-This means that both parties involved are able to agree FULLY upon ALL issues including division of property and custody/timesharing.

Contested Divorce-This means both parties involved cannot agree on all matters, but may agree on some. These types of divorces tend to cause argumentative situations.

No matter the direction your divorce is heading, Women’s Family Law Firm can help guide you in preparing all the necessary divorce documents while simultaneously keeping your best interests in mind. We are committed to providing our elite expertise and services that will benefit you and the outcome of your divorce.  Our Law firm works hard to put your family first during your divorce proceedings, no matter which route you and your spouse may take.

We use our Elite Experience to Protect You

When you choose our Central Florida family law firm to handle your divorce, you can be certain you are working with an experienced and professional team. Attorney Christina M. Green, Esq., understands the overwhelming stress that a divorce can cause, that’s why she will provide strong representation while protecting your rights, assets, and future. Contact our law firm today, to schedule your personal consultation with Divorce Attorney Christina M. Green.