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Questions surrounding a Florida Divorce

If you are heading towards a divorce, there are sure to be many questions that surround this time in your life. Be sure that you can count on your divorce attorney to be experienced in all issues pertaining to a successful outcome for you. Divorce can be a very difficult and stressful situation, having an experienced divorce attorney to help you navigate through this process can help you go through the legal situation with confidence and direction. Orlando Divorce Lawyer Christina M. Green understands all divorce situations are unique to each family. Women’s Family Law can represent you according to your best interests. In order to provide specific legal advice and gain a full understanding of your divorce case, it is recommended that you call to set up a personal consultation. Every divorce comes with unique variables, and you may find yourself needing to ask legal advice for unique circumstances arising in your divorce.

 If you are considering filing for divorce, below we have some answers to commonly asked questions that pertain to divorce in Central Florida.

Is my case a Simple Divorce?

People tend to think if they have come to “agreement”, they qualify for a simplified dissolution of marriage or simple divorces just based on that.  However, a simplified dissolution of marriage means there are NO minor children and both parties have already come to a FULL agreement on ALL issues.  Both parties must be able to attend the final hearing and also if there is any dispute, even minor, then you cannot file as simplified.

How long will my Divorce take?

Every divorce is different and this answer depends on you, your spouse and how involved your case becomes. Also, who your spouse hires plays a role in the divorce process. At Women’s Family Law Firm, we will work to get a divorce completed as quickly as possible, so you can move forward with your life.  The more each party cooperates during the process, the quicker the divorce will go through.


Is Divorce Mediation a Good Option for Us?

For many Central Florida couples deciding to divorce, working with a Florida family Mediator like Ms. Christina Green, Esq can provide many benefits through the divorce mediation process. You can save a great deal of both time and court fees if you and your spouse can agree through a mediated divorce. At Women’s Family Law firm, our average for a case that settles in mediation is approximately six months from beginning to end.

How much is your retainer and how much will this cost?

The retainer is determined on a case by case basis.  During your personal consultation with Ms. Christina Green Esq., your up front costs will be determined and an estimate will be based on the issues involved in your specific divorce case. Estimates are intended to get the process started, and potentially get to a certain point in your case.  The full cost will depend on how involved a case becomes.

What if we settle out of Court?

If a case settles and never goes to court, it can be relatively inexpensive for both parties.  The more you and the other party agree upon, will benefit you by requiring less in attorney fees.  Here at Women’s Family Law Firm, we believe the more you stay out of Court, the better for both parties involved in the divorce. Putting the control in your both parties hands as you both can determine your own future, instead of a judge.


Can myself and the other party come to a Child Support amount on our own?

No, child support is a mathematical equation which involves several factors pertaining to your child(ren).  In the State of Florida, parties cannot contract away their child’s right to child support. For your case to be ordered by the Judge, we must submit a child support guidelines worksheet to the Court showing the court the numbers involved.  Some items that go into the equation are:

  • the income for both parties,
  • childcare costs
  • health insurance costs
  • out of pocket medical expenses.
  • the number of overnights each party has in a year
  • if a child is special needs
  • or travel expenses need to be included

 However, some of these factors are negotiable such as the number of overnights and who pays childcare and/or health insurance can all be negotiated.

Personal Attention for your Divorce Case

To better provide you with all options available to you in your specific Divorce case, it is recommended that you set up your personal consultation with our offices. Orlando Divorce Lawyer Christina M. Green can discuss all details further pertaining to your divorce case during your personal consultation. Contact our Orlando Divorce and Family Law firm concerning your divorce case today.