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Peaceful Mediation is Possible

Mediation can favor both parties involved

Mediation is an alternative way of resolving family law disputes. Essentially, it is a negotiation to facilitate a resolution, not provide legal information or legal advice. It is the role of the Mediator is to be impartial, frame potential issues, define problems and help the two parties come to a settlement of their dispute.

Is Mediation a good option for your legal dispute?

If both you and the other party are willing to utilize Mediation Services you must both also feel you are able to negotiate your own terms in the legal matter. Keep in mind the Mediator is impartial.

Several Benefits of Choosing Mediation over Litigation

Effectively Communicate
  •  Rather than attacking one another you and the other party can concentrate your efforts on effectively communicating and achieving an agreement.  Attorney Christina Green is a Florida Certified Family Law Mediator who can guide you through the Mediation process with skilled knowledge.

Reduce the Costs
  •  Litigation can be expensive and very unpredictable. Mediation is far less costly in time and money. You and the other party spend your time working to create resolutions instead of filing motions and costly court documents. Litigation can result in one being satisfied with the outcome, but dissatisfied with the unpredictable costs that can come alongside fighting inside the courtroom. Furthermore you can be required to pay the other sides attorney fees, depending on what the court decides.

Reduce the Stress
  • Litigating your case in court can be stressful and bring about bitterness. Putting the final decision in the courts hands can also bring about uncertainty of what your future holds. In Litigation, if one party is happy, this can mean the other is not, and could potentially file an appeal.  Mediation can help you avoid these stresses.

Faster Resolution
  • Meditation is planned and carried out with both parties timelines in consideration, rather then awaiting a court date. Litigation can take anywhere between six months to several years to reach a final settlement. Mediation is completed much quicker, often times in as few as six months.

Control of Terms
  • Generally Speaking, Mediation clients are the ones that decide the terms of their agreements with the assistance of the mediator. Nothing is final, unless BOTH parties agree to the terms. With Mediation, you can avoid a possible outcome of a judge ordering something you don’t like.

  •  Mediation takes place in a Mediators office and not in a courtroom. Litigation on the other hand takes place in a public courtroom and any ugly allegations brought about  will be added to public record. Mediation allows you avoid that.

Hire a Florida Certified Family Law Mediator

Attorney Christina Green is a trusted and reputable Florida Certified Family Law Mediator. She has helped many Central Florida Families avoid Litigation by reaching peaceful solutions through Meditation. When working with Ms. Green, you can trust you are working with a dedicated and detailed professional who can assist you in achieving a Mediated Agreement. If you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact us.